Since 1995, Infolink helps market leading organizations manage their information using unique platforms and varied content management systems. We were the first in Israel to provide knowledge management tools, and are amongst the leading and most experienced in the field.

Infolink develops, implements and manages systems that enable organizational knowledge to flow efficiently, be managed optimally and become part of the decision making process, which helps companies overcome internal and external challenges.

Infolink is the home of an expert team of programmers, project managers, analysts and support team which work together to help you find the most appropriate solution for your organization.

Infolink will escort you during each phase of the solution, from development, construction and implementation process of our systems.

Our systems are user friends and tailored made to answer specific organizational needs and be a proper representation of its values.

We pride ourselves with expertise, professionalism, our capacity to match solutions to the needs of our clients, our meticulous work, short response times and use of the most modern technological tools.

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Infolink provide a wide range of modules and portal that enable gathering, managing and analyzing information of competitive nature from different sources. We also privde content services which are varried and tailored made: literature polls, market analysis, periodic reviews, etc. The platforms and content services we provide allow for the best use of the information your company has and serves to increase your competitiveness.

"The secret of walking on water is knowing where the stones are"

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